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Policy and Procedures

Registration: The Music Place offers students up to thirty-seven (37) and a minimum of 35 weekly lessons in accordance with the published Studio Calendar from September to June. The following materials will be requested from each student prior to the first lesson: (1) a completed Enrollment Form(2) a signed copy of the Studio Policy & Procedures 2023-24; (3) Payment plan option; and (4) a registration fee of $90 per student. NOTE: Registration materials (including the published studio rates for enrollment) are available upon request. Summer enrollment during July and August is administered through separate lesson packs (up to to ten lessons) depending on the student's schedule for these months. Families with two or more students receive a discounted rate.               

 New students: First-time registration of incoming students is always in close consultation with the studio faculty, including an intake interview with the prospective teacher. Please call (609-252-0943) or send an e-mail to schedule your visit to the studio (see Contact).

Lesson Cancellation and Make-Up Policy: The Music Place offers its students a generous make-up policy (for complete details including student or teacher cancellation and inclement weather see Studio Policy & Procedures 2023-24). In most instances, lessons will be made-up on one of two designated make-up Saturdays each semester (see Studio Calendar). We make no obligation to grant make-ups for cancellations on the day of the lesson. All make-ups must be completed by the second make-up Saturday of each semester.

Monthly Invoicing and Payment: Lesson payment is on a monthly basis through nine equal installments (September to May). An invoice is sent to the student's address each month with the regular amount determined at the time of registration (depending on the number of weeks enrolled). Payment is requested by the first lesson of the following month.

Health & Safety: In the interest of all students, The Music Place is a protected and clean environment. Students and parents, therefore, are asked to notify their teacher concerning any medical problems they may be experiencing---especially with symptoms of a virus or flu. Before entering the studio, shoes must be left in the foyer, and each student is expected to wash hands with soap in the bathroom, or to use available sanitizing gel.

Multiple-Child and Parent Attendance: We welcome parent attendance during lessons. Children may be left at the studio at the discretion of the parent (in some cases, a waiver of liability will be required). While waiting for a lesson, students may be offered instructive music-related activities and exercises using the studio's computer/on-line teachnology (or publicly available WI-FI).

Lesson Materials: Each student is responsible for bringing all study materials to the lesson. A flat fee is payable for each student at the beginning of the school year to cover the cost of all materials, including all music books, paper, binders, printed exercises and templates, copying and scanning, as well as use of the studio internet and computer technology. Although most study materials will be given to the student at the studio, occasionally, a request may be made for a special pick-up by the student at a local music store.

Recitals, Public Performances, and Photography: The Music Place offers at least two public performance opportunites for each student during the year, normally one at the end of each semester.  These are scheduled as far in advance as possible and all students are expected to perform at least one selection on these occasions.  A participation fee helps cover the cost of liability insurance for space rentals. Dress and behavior code at recitals is reviewed and rehearsed by the teacher with each student in advance.  Photography and video on these and other occasions provide valuable teaching and publicity materials. The Music Place, however, will not publish any pictures, video, or recordings without the student's consent. An official photography agreement may be required.

Lesson Assignments and Student's Home Practice: Private lesson time is most productive when the student completes a weekly assignment at home. At each lesson, the teacher will write down the assignment and make sure that the proctice steps are clearly understood as recorded at the lesson in the student's assignement log. Parents are encouraged to inquire with the student and/or teacher concerningeach week's assignment, which will always involve commitment to disciplined work at home. For school-age students, it will be the responsibility of the teacher to follow-up with the family in cases of frequently lagging or insufficient practice results.

Studio Calendar

Sept 6   Studio opens for the Academic year 
Nov 22-26       Thanksgiving Break (studio closed)
Dec 21-Jan 3 Winter Break (studio closed)
Mar 11-17  Spring Break (studio closed)
May 27 Memorial Day (studio closed) 
June 13 Last day of the Academic Year 
 Summer 2019  
June 14

Day 1 of Summer Session

July 4

Independence Day (Studio closed)

Aug 22

Last day of Summer Session
Aug 23 -Labor Day Intersession (Studio closed)


NOTE: For studio recitals, certificate examinations, and related dates/deadlines, please call The Music Place (609-252-0943) or send us an e-mail with your question (use form below).


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